How to remove Group and Service dates from Member Area Calendar

Discover how to tailor your calendar view experience in the Elvanto Member Area to suit different user roles and permissions effortlessly. Set up your various user roles and fine-tune the calendar's display by access permission. Whether you want to remove certain group or service times, limit visibility to specific groups or categories, or restrict access to certain service types, the process is seamless. Let’s get started!

Note: You will need to be a Super Admin or have the following set of Access Permissions assigned to your user profile:

  • Admin Area: Settings + Access Permissions

Adjusting Access Permissions

  1. Log into Elvanto and access the admin dashboard. Navigate to Settings > Access Permissions.
  2. Select the user role you would like to edit. For Member Area Calendar purposes we recommend editing permissions associated with member and volunteer access. 
  3. Click on 'Calendar' within the Member Area access permission menu. Scroll to the top to view the following options:
  4. To remove all Group and/or Service times and dates from the Member Area calendar for this selected access permission role, deselect the check marks for “Allow viewing of group meetings” and/or “Allow viewing of services.”
  5. Alternatively, you can also restrict access to:
    1. Only view Groups that the user is a member of
    2. Only view specific Group Categories
    3. Only view specified Service Types
  6. Click save at the bottom of your page to update all changes. 

In conclusion, effortlessly elevate your Elvanto Member Area experience by customizing calendar views to match distinct user roles. By adjusting access permissions, you can fine tune the display to meet your needs, whether it's removing specific times or dates, limiting visibility to certain groups or categories, or restricting access to particular service types.

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