Using the Calendar in Elvanto as a Member

Today everyone seems to run increasingly busy lives. Manage your time even better with the Elvanto calendar.

The Calendar

When making events, the host of that event will decide exactly which calendars it goes on (so most people won’t see a Pastoral Team Meeting, for example). Some events, like regular Groups, will automatically appear on the calendars of people in that group, and others, like rehearsals, will automatically appear on the calendars of people who have a role to play.

Accessing the Calendar

On the website, the Calendar will be part of the bar of links at the top of your account. When you click on ‘Calendar’ it will take you right to this week on the calendar, highlighting today’s date. There, you’re able to browse upcoming events. For a more big-picture view, you can set the view to ‘Month’, or for a more focused view, you can set the view to ‘Day’ by selecting the options from the buttons at the top right.

Subscribing to the calendar

Subscribing to the Member Calendar will automatically add all of its information into your calendar (whether that’s a Google, Outlook, or iCalendar). To subscribe, simply click on the blue ‘Subscribe’ button at the top right of the Calendar page, and follow the prompts.

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