How to Swap, Replace, or Decline a Volunteer Request

Whether you're volunteering for a special event or a regular service, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and you can't fulfill your commitment. No worries – Elvanto offers an intuitive solution to such dilemmas. With its easy-to-navigate interface, you can swiftly swap or replace your volunteer position, ensuring that your responsibilities are covered. This guide will walk you through the process of declining, swapping, or replacing your volunteer request in Elvanto, as well as provide helpful tips and definitions to clarify the procedure.


How to Swap, Replace, or Decline a Volunteer Request

  1. Log into the Elvanto as a Member. 
  2. Select Roster.
  3. Select the Red X to decline your volunteer request.
    Note: Select the Green Check to confirm you volunteer request.
  4. Select if you would like to: 
    • Swap: Find a volunteer to swap with.
    • Replace: Find a volunteer to replace you.
    • Decline: Decline position and notify your leader.
      Elvanto Volunteer swap.png

      Elvanto Tip

      When swapping or replacing a position the person you request to swap or replace with will be notified and will need to accept the swap or replace. In the case there is no other volunteer to Swap or Replace with a pop up will appear with the notification "There are currently no replacements available".

  5. Choose the person(s) you would like to request to swap or replace with. 
  6. Select Send Request.

Term Definitions 


Swapping with someone is exactly as it sounds: you’re asking another rostered volunteer to do your turn, and in exchange, you’ll do theirs. This will only go through if they accept your request.


Replacing is similar: you’re asking someone else to take your turn, but you’re not promising to take theirs in return.  ‘Replace’ looks at replacing you with another volunteer who is not rostered but eligible to be rostered in that position.  For both swapping and replacing, you can send requests to as many people as possible at once.

Unsuccessful Requests

If your request is unsuccessful, you’ll be sent an email. A request will be unsuccessful if all people decline, or if you run out of time. Talk to your ministry leader to see how long you have before you are no longer able to swap or be replaced.

If you try to swap or be replaced within this time period, you will automatically fail your request. 


Life's unpredictability means that sometimes we have to adjust our plans, even when it comes to volunteering. The option to swap or replace yourself ensures that your commitments are met, even when you're unavailable. Remember to communicate openly with your ministry leader if you encounter any challenges or if all your requests are declined.

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