Volunteers & Elvanto // Checking Your Upcoming Schedule in Elvanto

We've made it easy to check your volunteer schedule 🎉

Checking Your Schedule on the Website

Once you’ve logged in to the member area, you’ll see a bar near the top of the page with various links on it. Click on ‘Roster’.

Once there, you will automatically be shown the volunteer list for the next service. You can change by clicking on the ‘Plan’ tab to see that service’s plan. Or, you can change which service you’re looking at by scrolling through the sidebar with all the upcoming services until you find the one you want to look at.

Checking Your Schedule in the Mobile App

Once you’ve logged in to the mobile app, you can access your roster through the side menu (the top left button) when you are in "Member View."

Please Note: If you do not have access to the Admin Area, this is your default view.

On the Roster screen, you can respond to pending volunteer requests and see the upcoming services. To view a particular service, simply tap on it.
For each service, you can view Songs, Volunteers, Files and the Service Plan to give you an in-depth overview of what the service will look like.

How to Subscribe to Your Volunteer Calendar

From the roster page on the website, you can subscribe to your upcoming schedule for the calendar app on your computer or phone. Simply click the subscribe button on the Roster page.


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