Elvanto Event Payment Gateway: Managing Partial Payments

Understanding how to manage partial payments for your events via Elvanto's integrated payment gateway can significantly streamline your financial operations. This guide provides detailed instructions on setting up and managing partial payments, as well as important information regarding associated transaction fees when using the Tithely gateway.

Need to set up a Payment Gateway?

Adding a payment gateway can be useful in creating paid events or any other scenario where you need to obtain payment at your church! Learn how to set this up here.

Setup and Management of Partial Payments

  1. Log into Elvanto: Navigate to Admin Settings > Events.
  2. Enable Partial Payments: Select the option to enable partial payments for events. This allows participants to make payments in installments, which can be more manageable for both organizers and attendees.
  3. Specify Installments: Set the number and frequency of installments. You can set fixed amounts or allow attendees to pay what they can per installment.

When a person registers and makes a partial payment, assuming you have an online payment method enabled (Tithely, Stripe, or PayPal) for that event, a few things become available:

  • Invoice PDF: The generated invoice PDF emailed to the registrant will contain a link for making additional payments.
  • Email Template: If you use the default email template, it will include a link to make extra payments. If not, use the placeholder %extra_payment_link% in your email template to add this link.
  • Admin Invoice View: In the admin area, the "Add Payment" button will change to "Add Offline Payment" (with the old functionality) and a new "Add Online Payment" button.

These options take the billing contact to a new invoice page where they can make additional payments, reducing the need for admins to manually track and enter extra payments.

Understanding Transaction Fees

When using the Tithely payment gateway for event payments, including partial payments, it's important to be aware of the associated transaction fees.

Standard Transaction Fees:

  • All payments processed through the Tithely gateway are subject to standard transaction fees. These fees help cover the costs associated with payment processing and maintaining the gateway's security and efficiency.
  • For detailed information about the fee structure, please refer to the Tithely Transaction Fees page. This resource outlines all costs involved, helping you budget and plan your event finances accurately.

Managing Partial Payments with Transaction Fees

Incorporate Fees into Budgeting:

  • When setting up partial payments, consider transaction fees in your overall event budget. Ensure that the total amount set for partial payments covers the necessary costs after fees are deducted.

Communicate with Event Attendees:

  • Clearly inform your attendees about the transaction fees that apply when making payments. Transparency helps manage expectations and reduces confusion or dissatisfaction.

For any additional assistance, please reach out to our support team.

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