My Giving Tool For Members in Elvanto

Transparent giving records can foster trust and accountability within your congregation. Elvanto's "My Giving" feature empowers members to track their contributions, promoting financial transparency and potentially increasing overall giving. This article will guide you through enabling and utilizing this valuable tool.

For Administrators (Enabling "My Giving"):

  1. Log into Elvanto.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Layouts from the settings options.
  4. Choose Menu Editor to modify the member area navigation.
  5. Locate My Giving in the Built-in Links. 
  6. Check the box of My Giving
  7. Select Add to Menu.
  8. Click Save Changes to make My Giving visible in the Member Area.

For Members (Accessing "My Giving"):

  1. Log In: Members log into their Elvanto account.
  2. Find "My Giving": Locate the "My Giving" tab in the Member Area menu.
  3. View Giving History: Click on "My Giving" to see a list of their recent transactions and/or pledges, depending on administrator settings.

Additional Information:

  • Privacy: By default, members can only see their own giving records. Administrators can view giving records for all members.
  • Communication: Inform your congregation about the "My Giving" feature through announcements, emails, or newsletters.
  • Financial Reports: Consider using Elvanto's built-in reporting tools alongside "My Giving" to gain comprehensive insights into your church's finances.


Once enabled, members will see a "My Giving" tab in their Member Area. Clicking on it will display a list of their recent contributions, including dates, amounts, and fund designations.


  • Ensure your giving data is accurate and up-to-date before making "My Giving" visible to avoid confusion.:

By implementing the "My Giving" feature in Elvanto, you empower your members to take ownership of their giving and foster a culture of transparency within your church. This simple yet effective tool can enhance financial accountability and potentially inspire greater generosity.