Elvanto Built-In Reports

Built-in reports are an effortless way to assess key indicators of church growth.

Elvanto offers several built-in financial reports. For more information on reporting in Elvanto, click here.

Built-In Financial Reports in Elvanto include:

Giving Statements

This report allows you to generate and print out giving statements for people, families and groups.

New Givers

This report will give you a list of all the first-time givers in a selected time period. Along with service attendance, this is a great indicator of new people who have committed to your church.

Top Givers

This report displays a specified number of individuals with the highest pledge amounts over a selected period.

Donors by Method

This report that shows people who did, or did not donate via a chosen method.


Donors by Number of Gifts Given

This report displays givers who have given for the Nth time during a selected time period.

Pledge & Transaction Amounts

This report gives you sum totals of individuals giving over a selected period. This is great for getting an overview picture of individuals' giving.


This report shows you the transactions within specific batches. It allows you to see who gave what, and when.

This report can also show donation amounts to specific accounts within a specified timeframe, or give a total with no breakdown between accounts.

Batch Summaries

This report generates a summary of Batch details over a selected period.


This report displays transactions over a specific period of time for