How to Print a Church Directory

You can create a church directory from Elvanto using the Reports section. You can then export the generated directory into formats like CSV, Excel and PDF.

To create a report, go into the Admin Area and navigate to Report > Add Custom Report > Standard Report.

A page will then load where you can give the report a name and description (e.g. Church Directory). Select the option below to ‘Use Only as a Report’. Next, choose to display report as ‘Families and choose the following criteria, including only those people categories you wish to include in your church directory.

You can then choose what columns you wish to display in your report by clicking and dragging the fields into the Display Fields column. For the church directory, include the ‘Last Name’ and ‘Family Contact Details’ fields is useful if you want the contact details for the entire family. If you only want the contact details of the parents, but to list the names of the family members, use the ‘Primary and Spouse Contact Details’ and ‘Family Members (Names only)’ fields.

Once you’re done, click the ‘Save & Generate’ button. Once you’re happy with the report, you then export the report, and print from the exported file.

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