Add or Edit Access Permissions

Access Permissions are a way to create permission settings for a group of users. For example, all your pastoral team may need certain permissions to carry out their tasks. You can easily create an Access Permission for all those individuals instead of editing each individual's settings. In this article, we will go over how to create an Access Permission.

Adding a new admin in Tithely will automatically create a Super Admin in Elvanto. Only Tithely Account Owners and Admins are able to log into Elvanto directly from their Tithely dashboard. All other Elvanto admins will need to log into Elvanto using their orginizations unique Elvanto URL or at unless added as Admins in Tithely. Limited users in Tithely cannot use SSO.

Access Permissions

  1. Log into Elvanto as a Super Admin.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Locate and select Access Permissions.


    There are five preset permission by default in your account. Access to Inputting Finances, Admins, Group Leaders, Members / Volunteers, and Service Coordinators. We recommend using these presets until they no longer fit the need of your permission levels.

  4. Select Add Access Permission.
    Note: Select existing permission to adjust instead of creating new permission. 
  5. Title your new Access permission.


    Your Access Permissions should be general. We do not recommend creating new permissions for individuals. Try to create your Access Permission for roles/titles such as 'Pastoral Team'.

  6. Select the individual permissions for your new Access Permission.
    Note: Select all that apply to this role, an unchecked box means this permission is not available in the Access Permission.
  7. Select Lockdown Areas (Optional)
    Important Note: Lockdown areas are designed to display only pertinent information to your admins based on location, department, or demographic. When assigning multiple access permission roles to a user, the same lockdowns will have to be set for each individual permission role, otherwise lockdowns will not be respected.
  8. Select Save

Member Directory

Looking to give someone access to view the directory? See How to Give a Person Access to the Member Directory

You are now able to edit and create access permission in your Elvanto account. Learn how to apply access permissions to individuals