How Page Lockdowns Work

Within Elvanto, Pages, Posts, and Files all share the same lockdown system to help limit who can view certain content.

Applying Lockdowns

When you apply a lockdown on an item, a user must meet the specified requirements to view it. These requirements are met using a series of logic statements based on the users' profiles and a number of rules. If you don’t specify any lockdowns, anyone with access to Files/Posts/Pages can access the item.

Example of a Locked Down File

To access this file, users must:

  • Be in the Adults demographic
  • Be located at the Broadbeach location
  • Have the Admins or Group Leaders Access Permission

The system will not use Departments or Groups for the lockdowns if they have been left blank.

Logic for this example:

(Demographics = Adults) AND (Locations = Nashville Campus) AND (Access Permissions = (Admins OR Group Leaders))

Lockdowns for Items Inside a Folder/Category

When an item is placed within a folder or category, it will inherit the lockdowns from the folder or category. Users will need to meet the requirements for both the item and its parent.


  • A file with the lockdowns from the previous example is placed into a folder with the following lockdowns:
    • Users must be a member of a group within the Board Meeting group
    • Users must be in the Seniors or Adults demographics

Logic for the folder:

(Groups = Board Meeting) AND (Demographics = (Adults OR Seniors))

Combined logic for the file within the folder:

((Groups = Board Meeting) AND (Demographics = (Adults OR Seniors))) AND ((Demographics = Adults) AND (Locations = Nashville Campus) AND (Access Permissions = (Admins OR Group Leaders)))


  • Pages, Posts, and Files share the same lockdown system.
  • Lockdowns use AND and OR logic statements.
  • Items in folders/categories inherit the lockdowns of their parent.
  • Users must meet all specified requirements to access locked content.