How to add a Post to the Member Area

Posts are a great tool that can be used to communicate with people. Follow these steps to create and manage your posts in Elvanto.

Creating a New Post

  1. Navigate to Posts > Add Post in the Admin Area.
  2. Enter a post title and content in the text editor once the page loads.
    • To attach a file or an image to the post, click on ‘Insert / Attach File’.
    • To embed online media, click the ‘Embed Media’ button.

Other Settings

  • Post Categories: Attach relevant post categories.
  • Publish Settings: Set when the post is published and when it expires.
  • Comments: Choose whether to allow people to leave comments on the post.

Post Access

  • Limit Access: Choose who has access to the post by changing the ‘Post Access’ settings. By default, both Members and guests can view the post.
  • Disable Guest Access: To prevent guests from viewing the blog, adjust their access in People Settings.

Lockdown Settings

  • Apply Lockdowns: Select any lockdowns you wish to apply. This ensures only people who meet the lockdown criteria can see the post.
    • Example: If you select the Worship Team department, only people within that department will be able to see that post.
    • Multiple Criteria: If you select multiple departments, members of any selected department can see it. If you select departments and a location, they must be a member of a selected location and a member of the selected departments.

By following these steps, you can effectively create and manage posts, ensuring they reach the right audience.

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