How to add a Page to the Member Area

tatic pages allow you to add content such as an "About" page to your account. These pages can be accessed from the Member Area.

Creating a New Page

  1. Click on Pages in the Admin area. 
  2. Select Add Page
  3. Enter your Page title.
  4. Add your Page content.
  5. Set additional options as needed.
  6. Select Save

How to Add a Page to the Member Area Navigation

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Locate and select Layout.
  3. Select Menu Editor.
  4. Select Pages.
  5. Check the box next to the page you would like to add. 
  6. Select Add to Menu.

Limiting Who Can See Pages

Page Access

To limit your page:

  1. Change the ‘Page Access’ settings. By default, both Members and Guests can view the post.
  2. Members are users who have a username and password and are required to login to view the page.

Lockdown Settings

To apply lockdown settings:

  1. Select the lockdown areas to restrict access to specific people.
  2. For example, selecting the Labrador location will allow only people within that location to see the page.
  3. Ensure to select ‘Only Members Can View This Page’ under ‘Page Access’ if any lockdown areas are applied, otherwise guests will see all posts.

Access Permissions

  1. Enable access to the Member Area > Pages > Allow access to ‘Pages’ option in their Access Permissions.
  2. Modify this setting by navigating to Settings > Access Permissionsin the Admin Area.