How to Check People into a Service

To check people in to a service, launch the Check-in page by navigating to Services and selecting the service you want to check people into. Once in the Services page, click on the Check-in tab. Select the service time you want to check people into.

To allow parents or members to check themselves in, click on the ‘Self Check-in’ button on the top right of the page. You can see how to use the Self Check-in system in this article.

Checking an Individual into a Service

When checking people in, you have the option to enter the person’s Name, Phone Number or their Security Code. Learn more about Security Codes in this article.

To start, type in a name in the text field in one of the three options. Below we have tried check-in by using the person’s Security Code.

Click on the person’s name to initiate the check-in process.

From here, simply click on the Service time and select the room you wish to assign the person into. If you have set up Demographic Progression and Rooms correctly, the individual should be automatically assigned to the room upon Check-in. Learn how to set up rooms for check-in in this article.

Click ‘Done’ to check in another person.


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