How to Import Chord Charts from SongSelect®

To use this feature, you will need to have SongSelect integration set up for your Elvanto account.

Once SongSelect integration has been enabled for the account, any songs imported will be recorded against the email address used for integration via SongSelect.


Adding Songs, Chord Charts, & Lyrics via SongSelect® by CCLI®

  1. Navigate to Songs.
  2. Select Add Song.

  3. Enter a Song Title in the Name field (e.g. 10000 Reasons by Matt Redman)
    Note: This may take a few seconds for Elvanto to download information from SongSelect.
  4. A list of songs will appear, select the correct song from the list or try retyping the song name or artist.

    Note:  The SongSelect integration should also fill in other important information such as the CCLI Number, and Artist, as well as the album information.

Download Lyrics and Chords 

  1. Check the Import Lyrics box and choose a Key for the song.

Note: Chord charts are imported as PDF files that are attached to the song. Due to restrictions from the SongSelect API, we can not import the chord charts into Elvanto in a format that allows us to add them as chord charts in Elvanto.

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