Song Arrangements

Managing song arrangements is crucial for ensuring that your worship team can seamlessly adapt to different service needs. With arrangements, you can store various versions of a song in one place, each tailored for specific performances. This flexibility allows you to maintain consistency while accommodating different styles, tempos, and keys. In this guide, you'll learn how to create, manage, and utilize song arrangements to enhance your worship planning and execution.


Steps to Add Arrangements to a Song

  1. Navigate to the Song:

    • Go to the 'Songs' section in your account.
    • Select the song you want to add an arrangement to.
  2. Add a New Arrangement:

    • Click on the 'Add Arrangement' button.
    • Enter the name of the arrangement and any specific details such as tempo or style.
  3. Upload Files and Add Details:

    • Upload any files relevant to the arrangement (e.g., sheet music, audio files).
    • Add the lyrics for this specific arrangement.
    • Specify the key(s) for the arrangement.
  4. Save the Arrangement:

    • Once all details are added, click 'Save' to store the arrangement.

Selecting Arrangements for Services

  1. Add the Song to a Service:

    • When planning a service, add the song as usual.
    • Choose the specific arrangement from the list of available arrangements for that song.
  2. Review and Confirm:

    • Ensure that the chosen arrangement is correct and fits the service's requirements.
    • Save the service plan with the selected arrangement.

Tips for Using Arrangements

  • Use Arrangements for Different Sequences:
    • Create new arrangements if the sequence of the song changes significantly.
  • Add Keys to Existing Arrangements:
    • If you only need the song in a different key, add the new key to the existing arrangement rather than creating a new one.

By managing song arrangements effectively, you can ensure that each service has the right musical setup, making it easier for your team to perform consistently and accurately.

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