How to Generate CCLI® Reports for Online Reporting

Although we cannot submit CCLI reports on your behalf, we help make it easier to collect information and generate data to assist you with submitting your report. 

Recording data

When adding a song to a service, you can enter your CCLI Reporting information. The four categories you can fill in are:

  • Print

  • Digital

  • Translation

  • Recording

Each country has different requirements for what to put in these fields, so we recommend you visit the CCLI website that relates to your country and find out more details to ensure you are reporting correctly.

Reporting on the CCLI data

  1. To generate a report on the CCLI data you’ve recorded, log into the Admin Area.
  2. Go to Services > Reports.
  3. Click on the ‘CCLI Reporting’ report.

Here you can specify a date range and also filter by service type and location. You can also choose to have songs included in the report, that have not been used.

Once you generate the report, you’ll get an overview for that time period.

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