How to Add a Song in Elvanto

Learn how to seamlessly add new songs to your Elvanto database with this easy-to-follow guide. Whether you're adding hymns, contemporary worship songs, or special music, this guide will help you manage your music library efficiently.

How to Add Songs

  1. Navigate to the Songs section in the Admin Area of Elvanto.
  2. Select Add Song.
  3. Enter Song Details: When the Add Song page loads, fill in the song's details in the relevant fields. If your account is linked with SongSelect, suggestions will appear as you type the name or CCLI Number of the song.
  4. Add Arrangements: Each song can have one or more arrangements. For more information on song arrangements, click here.
  5. After creating the song, you can:
    • Assign the song to a specific location.
    • Enter notes for your music teams to use during services.
    • Add custom chord charts.
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