How to Print an Offline Group Attendance Report

To efficiently manage and track attendance for your groups, Elvanto offers a convenient feature to print offline checklists. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to generate and customize an offline checklist for any group in your system.


Steps to Print an Offline Checklist:

  1. Select the Group:

    • Go to Groups and then All Groups.
    • Choose the group you want to generate the checklist for.
  2. Print the Checklist:

    • Click on the Print Offline Checklist button in the sidebar.
  3. Customize the Checklist:

    • Select the options you want to include in the checklist.
  4. Finalize:

    • After choosing the desired options, your checklist will be ready for printing.

This method ensures you have a customized offline checklist for accurately tracking group attendance.