How to Track Group Attendance

You can track service attendance for your group from within the ‘Reporting’ tab of your group.

Submitting a Group Report

Meeting Date and Time

Specify the meeting date and time for the group to report for. You can also report a Group’s attendance for a service by matching up the Meeting Date and Time to the Service Date and Time. Learn more about linking group reports to services.

People Attendance & Notes

In this section, mark people’s attendance and write in any notes for people in your group.

Guests & Custom Reporting Fields

Enter in the number of guests and record any reporting or notes fields.

Notes for the entire group

Enter in any notes for the entire group and the option to make the note into a private note such that only selected people can view it.

 How to Add Extra Reporting Fields

Just like Services, you can add as many custom statistics as you like when it comes to Group Reporting. When your group leaders fill in their report, the custom statistics will appear below the list of names.

To set up Custom Statistics, navigate to Settings and click Groups.

On this page, you can drag and drop available fields into the ‘Reporting Fields’ column.

Important Note: Each field added needs to be given a name, otherwise it will not work. 

Showing Custom Group Reporting and Notes Fields for Group Reports

Similar to customizing the Reporting template for Service Types, you can edit Group Categories and limit which fields will be included in the Group Reports for the particular Group Category. If you have custom statistics that are relevant for certain group categories, you can show or hide the fields in this area.

To show or hide a Custom Group Reporting or Notes fields, navigate to Groups > Categories in the Admin Area.

Click the ‘Reporting’ link under the category you would like to edit.

For each of the Custom Reporting fields you want to hide, click on the ‘Hide’ button. Once hidden, the link should be renamed to ‘Show’. A hidden reporting or notes field will also be greyed out.



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