Adding and Removing People from Groups

Adding and removing people from a group shouldn’t be some complicated task! With Elvanto, it’s a simple and easy process.

Adding People to a Group

There are three main ways to add people to a group, they are each detailed below.

  • From the person’s profile

  • From the group’s page

  • From an import file

From the Person’s Profile

From the person’s profile find the groups heading in the sidebar and click the ‘Add’ button.

In the window that then appears, select the group you want to add them into.

From the Group

When viewing a group you can click the ‘Add People’ button on the top right corner of the page.

After this type in the name of the people you want to add into the group and press the ‘Add People’ button when finished.

From an Import File

You can add people to the group by creating an import file and uploading it to People -> Import.

Here’s an example of how you could format your import file. Simple separate multiple groups with a comma.

Removing People from a Group

There are two ways people can be removed from groups, they are detailed below.

  • From within the group

  • From a person’s profile

Removing from Within Group

To remove a person from a group, simply view the group in the Admin Area. From there, click the checkbox to the left of the person you’d like to remove. Then click the ‘Mass Manage’ button as pictured below.

A mass manage modal will appear, select ‘Remove from Group’ and click ‘Perform Mass Manage’.

Remove from Person’s Profile

View the person’s profile and on the left-hand side, click the delete button next to the group.

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