How to Contact the Parents of Children

Ensuring effective communication with parents is paramount for any organization working with children, and Elvanto offers robust features to facilitate this crucial connection. By providing the ability to contact parents directly from a child's profile, from check-in reports, or by utilizing Views and Advance Searches, administrators can swiftly relay important information. Let's dive in.

From a Child’s Profile

You can contact the parents of a child from the child’s profile. Simply click the ‘Contact Parents’ button on the top right. 

Check-In Reports

You can contact parents from any of the Check-in reports by going to Reports > All Built-in Reports > Check-In in the Admin Area.

After generating any of the Check-In reports, you will see a ‘Contact Parents’ button at the top right corner. Click this and you’ll be given a contact screen to send them an email (or SMS if enabled).

You can also create a ‘People View’ or perform an ‘Advanced Search’ that allows you to view and contact the parents of children. When setting up your filter criteria, you can choose from the following options:

  • Parents with Children
  • Parents with Children of Specific Gender
  • Parents with Children in Demographic
  • Parents with Children in Location
  • Parents with Children in Group
  • Parents with Children in School Grade

Once you have created and run the People View, you will see a blue ‘Contact People’ button at the top right hand corner. Click this and you’ll be given a contact screen to send them an email or SMS.

In conclusion, with Elvanto's comprehensive suite of communication tools, organizations can foster transparent and responsive channels of communication, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for both parents and children.