Setting up a People Flow

People Flows can be one of the most useful and beneficial areas of Elvanto. This is a process that can help track members through a process that engages and allows your church leaders to make real connections with your members. With the simple directions below, you will see exactly how to set up these People Flows

To create a People Flow, we will first simply go People > Flows.

When the next window opens select ‘Add Flow’. 

Next, you’ll be able to give the new Flow a name, set the Flow Administrators and which Location the flow is used in, and if needed assign the flow to a particular demographic or demographics.

At the bottom of this page you’ll see an area where you can set up optional reminder notifications for the flow and step admins of this people flow.

Here you can set the flow to send an email, SMS, both an email or SMS, or only send an SMS if the admin has no email address. You can then set multiple reminder emails for the admins to remind them when a person is due, or that people are overdue.

Once you’re happy with all the settings, hit the “Save” button to create the people flow.

After creating the flow, you’ll want to click into now visible “Steps” tab to create the actual steps of the flow! 

Here you’ll see that, by default, there are steps in the flow. You’ll need to click on the “Add Step” button to start adding them in.


Flow Step Set up

When the Flow Step window opens you will need to give the Step a name and a Description.   Also enter the instructions that are to be followed in this Flow Step.  You can set a Due Date and set a days for ‘Hide Pending’.

Notifications can be enabled so Step Admins can be automatically notified when a person is assigned to this step.  

 Note: All Step Admins are notified if a person is assigned to this Step but are ‘Unassigned’ to a Step Admin.  If a person is assigned to the Flow Step and is assigned to a Step Admin, only the Step Admin is notified unless you have assigned a person to yourself in the Step.

 Note: If you are listed as a Step Admin, you can add multiple Step Admins to this Flow Step and they are the people who will carry out the actions required.

 In this example, we’ve set up the Flow Step ‘Initial Email’ to send out an email template called ‘Welcome to Church’.   The ‘Actions’ set when a person is completed in the Flow Step is to move them to the ‘Phone Call’ Step of the flow.  Actions can set and the method (Automated or Optional) selected here.

Once you’ve set up your people flow, you can go ahead and start adding people! Simply click ‘Add Person’.

And just like that, you have created a People Flow. Start adding your people in and get started with People Flows! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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