Customize Your Layout

Every account has a default layout. However, as a church you can personalize your layout and menus to suit your church.  

You can edit the Default or you can set up your own,

Settings > Layout > Add A Layout

There are 2 tabs under this area - Layout & Menu. After you have added the new layout, a second "Menu" tab will appear.

Layout Tab


This is the name you would like to give the layout for identification purposes. 

Site Name

This is the title that appears on your titles, login screen and the top of every page unless you add your own logo further down the page.


This is a setting that allows you to assign a different Layout to specific departments. This allows you to limit information (such as posts) to this layout when a member has not logged in. Not selecting a department means no information will be limited when viewing this layout.

URL & Domain

Custom URL

This is the URL you use to access your account and what people type in their browser to find your Elvanto account.

Custom Domain

By default, users access your account via the custom URL. However, if you prefer to set up a custom domain that automatically redirects users to your Elvanto account you can do that too. Eg. 

Member Area

This is the area where you can start to customize the look of the account. 

In the Member Area you can upload a logo, add a background header image. You can set the background color and height of the header. 

The navigation menus background and text colors can also be changed. 

Admin Area

Similar to the Member Area you can add a logo and update the color of the header.

Login Page

The login page can also be customized with its own logo or you could choose to have the same colors and logos you specified in either the Admin or Member area above.

Logout Page

When your members log out, what web page would you like them to be redirected to? Leaving this blank will redirect them to your login page.

iOS Home Screen Icon

If a person saves or bookmarks your Elvanto account to their phone (iPhone/android) it will change the image to be the icon you wish. 

Links & Structure

In the member area you have navigation menu at the top of the page. You can update all of these (except the Admin button as that’s a default button if you’re an admin user)  

There are Built-in list options but there are also Custom Links & Post Categories. 

Custom Links are links to another website. You can type in the URL and then give it a Label that will then appear in the menu.

There are also Pages, Post Categories, Links & Files that can also be added to the navigation. 

Once you’ve added all the links you wish to show in your navigation, you can click and drag the navigation structure and tab them underneath each other creating sub-menus.

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