Songs Overview

The Songs area is where you can go to reference and upload information connected with songs used in your services.

Songs in Elvanto is incredibly easy to use, and with the SongSelect integration, it’s also incredibly easy to set up. Your worship team might want to handle this area but now is a good time to start thinking about it. We have a Worship Ministry Guide you might want to pass over to your worship leaders once they are set up and using the system. You can find this under Guides in our Help Center. 

Before Songs are set up, however, you should see to some things that’ll save you time down the track.

SongSelect Integration

SongSelect Integration is a life-saver for whoever has to manage your CCLI reporting at your church. It’ll help you keep track of how many copies you’ve made of your CCLI songs, videos and other media.


More immediately, integrating with SongSelect means that importing new songs is a breeze! We strongly recommend integrating with CCLI before starting to import your songs. See how easy it is to integrate with SongSelect at this page.


Song Categories

Song categories are a great way to organize your songs in Elvanto. They make it very easy to find songs for special occasions, and make it easy for you to browse similar songs.

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