When Are Lockdowns & Restrictions Overwritten?

Lockdowns and restrictions are overwritten in certain situations.

An example of this could be if a user was a part of two access permissions. If one access permission restricted a person to viewing groups they led and the other didn’t have that restriction, the restriction would be ignored (and the person could view all groups).

The same rule applies to any other lockdowns or restrictions. We recommend keeping this in mind when assigning access permissions – if you want lockdowns to be applied for a user, the lockdown has to be applied to all permissions the user is assigned to (or it won’t work!).

People can be assigned more than one access permission – they are just overlapped to give the person more access.

However, keep in mind that even though Lockdowns are only taken into account in the Admin area, if one of the permissions only grants access to the Member area, this will overwrite other permissions.