Using Services // How to use Services and Elvanto Live

Make changes on the fly, and keep track of your service times with Elvanto.

To access Elvanto LIVE, simply click the ‘LIVE’ button in the top corner. If you’re onstage, we recommend using Dark Mode, which you can access through Settings > Dark Mode.

Keeping to the Plan

Elvanto LIVE gives you all the important information:  where you are in the service, how long that item should go for, and when you ought to be getting on to the next item.

We recommend having Elvanto LIVE open where any host, leader, or speaker can see it (or wherever the main lectern for the service is). This allows you to send them a message saying, ‘Time’s up :)' if your speaker is going overtime.

Making and implementing changes

Let’s face it- sometimes services change quickly and drastically during the service. Elvanto LIVE allows you to communicate these changes to everyone involved. While you can just navigate to the item you now wish to do, it’s best to also communicate this through the ‘Chat’ area so everyone knows what’s happening.

Therefore, we recommend strict limits on the content of this Chat. If everyone’s talking about how well your football team played, then someone might miss that you’re now doing Amazing Grace instead of Blessed Be Your Name.

Note also that only one person can ‘Take Control’ of a service. So make sure that the right person has control of the right parts by selecting ‘Release’ when they are no longer in control.

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