Batch Statuses & How to Update the Status of a Batch

Batch Statuses allow you to set the status of a batch to quickly see where you're at with your batches.

The batch statuses available in Elvanto are: 


Use this batch status if you are actively adding transactions to your batch, or are still working with the batch. 


Use this batch status if all of the funds have been deposited to your account. 


Use this batch status when the batch is fully accounted for and you are done working with the batch. 

How to Update the Status of a Batch

  1. Login to the admin area of your Elvanto account.
  2. Navigate to Financial > Batches
  3. From here, select the batch you wish to update and once it’s loaded, open the Edit tab.

Marking a Batch as Closed

To mark the batch as closed, click on the Status dropdown and select Closed.

When a batch is closed, it will be hidden from the main batch view. You can view your closed batches by selecting the Closed status from your batch filtering options. 


Marking a Batch as Transferred

To mark a batch as transferred, simply select the Transferred checkbox.

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