How to Set Up Financial Year for Your Elvanto Account

Setting the correct end of financial year is essential for accurate financial reporting and record-keeping. This guide will walk you through the steps to configure the end of the financial year in Elvanto and how to use this setting to filter your financial data.

Steps to Set the End of Financial Year

  1. Navigate to Settings:

    • Go to Settings in the Admin Area.
  2. Select Financial Settings:

    • Once the page loads, select Financial.
  3. Configure End of Financial Year:

    • Find the heading marked as ‘End of Financial Year’.
    • Match up the Day & Month to the end dates of your reporting year.
  4. Save Changes:

    • Ensure that the settings are saved after configuration.

Filtering Financial Data by Financial Year

  1. Navigate to Financial Sections:

    • Go to Financial > Batches, Transactions, or Pledges.
  2. Filter by Financial Year:

    • You will now be able to filter the data by Financial Year, using the end date configured in the previous steps.

By following these steps, you ensure that your financial reports and data are aligned with your organization's fiscal year, making financial management and reporting more efficient.

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