Overview of the Financial Settings Area

How to Access the Financial Settings Area in Elvanto

Please Note: Elvanto Super Admins or Admins with Financial Access Permissions can generate giving statements. 

  1. Login to your Elvanto Admin account.

  2. Select Settings from the top bar.



  3. Select Financial under the Features heading.


    The Financial tab on this page will be selected by default.



Overview of the Financial Area: Settings

End of Financial Year

Choose the day and month your organizations financial year ends.


Currency Symbol

What currency symbol relates to your Country. 


Tax Deductible Giving

When adding a new transaction, you can turn tax deductible giving on by default. This will overwrite tax deductible settings assigned in your Chart of Accounts.

If you prefer to be given an option depending on the different Financial Accounts you have in the Chart of Accounts, click “Use settings in the Chart of Accounts” which enables you to choose if the different Chart of Accounts within your account are Tax Deductible or not manually.


Giving Numbers

A giving number is a unique number associated with an individual person.
Here you can select if you'd like the system to generate a number for someone who gives who does not already have a giving number, or if you'd like to create one manually.

Please Note: Numbers are generated sequentially when automated. 

Minimum number length is 6 by default, but you can change this if needed.


Overview of the Financial Area: Member Area

In the member area under a person’s Profile, there is an area called Giving. This allows people to see what transactions have been created and recorded for them. 

You can update what individuals see when viewing their Profile by navigating to Settings > Financial.


Giving Link

This link appears within a person’s Profile page under Giving. Here they can click to give online using the giving URL you set up within Financial Settings.



Select if you'd like to show Pledges and Transactions on a persons personal profile. You can include their family members giving data as well.


The Giving area is where your Churches Giving Statements will appear when generated for the individual to view or download. 


Overview of the Financial Area: Giving Statement Messages

🌟 Tithely Tip: Placeholders save you time by filling the gaps with information already in Elvanto. 



This is the area where you may like to provide a message within your Giving Statements when generated.  

Example: In the USA the IRA requires churches to have a message saying that “no goods/services were exchanged for these donations”. 
Placeholders save you time by filling the gaps with information already in Elvanto. 


Location Specific Messages

If you have more than one Location, you can also add additional message for people specific to the different locations. 

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