Financial Section Overview

The Financial area within Elvanto allows you to track giving and pledges made by members of your church. It focuses on recording giving information and generating reports on that data. This guide will help you understand how to utilize the financial features in Elvanto, including online giving integrations.

Understanding Financial Terms in Elvanto

Batches, Transactions, and Pledges

  • Batches: A collection of transactions grouped together in the system.
  • Transactions: Individual payments made to the church by a member.
  • Pledges: Commitments by individuals or groups to donate specific amounts over a certain period.

Financial Categories (Chart of Accounts)

Both transactions and batches can be categorized into different financial areas, referred to as the 'Chart of Accounts.' This helps in categorizing donations into various areas or ministries. For example, you might have a ‘Missions’ account with specific Sub Accounts for different missions within your church.

Using the Financial Area

Step 1: Accessing Financial Information

  • Navigate to the Financial area via the Admin Area.
  • You can view giving information, batches, transactions, and pledges from here.

Step 2: Managing Chart of Accounts

  • Use the Chart of Accounts to categorize donations.
  • Accounts can have Sub Accounts to further specify donation purposes. For example:
    • General Account: Reflects donations for tithes.
    • Building Fund Account: Records donations for specific projects.

Step 3: Tracking Batches and Transactions

  • Group transactions into batches for easier management.
  • Assign transactions and pledges to the appropriate financial categories.

Step 4: Reporting

  • Generate financial reports to analyze giving trends and track pledge fulfillment.
  • Access financial information through individual profiles or the financial reporting area.

Note: The financial area is primarily for tracking giving and pledges, not for accounting or payroll purposes.

By understanding and utilizing the Financial area in Elvanto, you can effectively track and report on the giving and pledges within your church. This ensures that all donations are categorized correctly, and financial commitments are monitored efficiently.