Financial Section Overview

The Financial area within Elvanto allows you to track giving and pledges made by members within your church. Its functions revolve predominantly around recording giving information and then reporting on that information. We also have several online giving integrations. 


Elvanto defines and groups giving within batches, transactions and pledges. A batch is any collection of transactions made or grouped together in the system. Transactions are individual payments made to the church by a member. Finally, pledges track what monies have been pledged by an individual or a group over a certain period of time. This information can all be accessed via an individual’s profile or within the financial reporting area of the system.


Both transactions and batches can be marked against your different financial categories, or ‘Chart of Accounts’ in the system, which help to allow you to categorize your giving into different areas or ministries. Different accounts can have ‘Sub Accounts’ within them which you can assign pledges and other transactions to. For example, you might have a ‘Missions’ account, but have specificSub Accounts for different Missions within your church.


It’s important to know that the financial area is not a form of accounting or payroll software, it is used predominantly for tracking giving and pledges in your church.


Chart of Accounts


Use Chart of Accounts to capture where people are donating money. For example, you may use a ‘General’ account to reflect donations for tithes, but also record donations going towards specific projects in a ‘Building Fund’ account.

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