How to Schedule a Service Team for an Individual Service

Scheduling a team for a service in Elvanto helps streamline your volunteer management and ensures that all necessary roles are filled efficiently. Follow these steps to schedule a team, check for any conflicts, and ensure all positions are covered.

Schedule a team for a service

  1. Navigate to the services.

  2. Select Volunteers tab.

  3. Click the Roster Team button at the top of the page.

  4. Choose a Team:

    1. A window will pop up asking you to choose a team.
    2. Use the filter at the top to quickly narrow down the teams.
    3. Once you’ve found the team, click on it to proceed.
  5. Check Availabilities:

    1. The next window will show the current availabilities for the team members.
    2. Resolve any roster conflicts, if necessary, by finding replacements for unavailable members.
    3. Ensure to tick the usual settings such as Assigned Times, scheduling a notification, and assigning a ‘Reports To’ person for the team.
  6. Roster the Team:

    1. Click on ‘Roster Team’ to place the team members in their respective positions in the volunteering area.
    2. Fill in the gaps for any team members that were unavailable or conflicted.
  7. Verify Scheduled Teams:

    1. Any teams that are rostered will also show in the Services sidebar.
    2. For example, the ‘Creative Department’ service team will be scheduled for the specified service time.

Things to Consider

  • Ensure all team members' availabilities are up-to-date to avoid conflicts.
  • Regularly update and check the ‘Reports To’ assignments to maintain clear communication.
  • Review and adjust schedules as needed to accommodate any last-minute changes or conflicts.