How to Add a "Reports to" Person based on Department or Position

This article explains how to add a reports to person based on department or position. Many volunteers serve in several ministry areas and have leaders who need to know when they have declined or accepted a roster request. Adding a reports to person to your Department and/or position is a great solution for this!

How to Add a Reports to Person based on Department or Position

  1. Log into Elvanto as Super Admin or Admin with access to Settings/Departments.
  2. Select Settings/
  3. Locate and select Departments
  4. Select Department you would like to view.
  5. Scroll down to the Heading Sub-departments and Positions.
  6. Click the Pencil Icon next to the department or position you which you want to add a reports to person.
    Image 2023-07-28 at 10.04.31 AM.jpg
  7. Click the + Add button.
  8. Use the search bar to search for the volunteer profile you want to add as the reports to person.
  9. Click on the profile of the person you want to add.
  10. If applicable, select any locations or service types needed.
  11. Click Add Person
    Note: You can add more than one person by going through steps 5-9 again.

In conclusion, adding a reports to person can be very helpful as you have various admins managing volunteers for different departments. By following the instructions provided in this article, you can set a reports to person at the department of position level. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please reach out to our support team.



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