How to Add a Service Team

To add a new Service Team, navigate to Services > Teams.

On this page, you can see a list of existing teams. To create a new team, click the ‘Add Team’ button on the top right hand corner of the main content area.

Add in a couple of details about the team and click ‘Save’.

Once the team has been added, you can then add in Sub-Teams by clicking the ‘Add Sub-Team’ button.

Enter in the Sub-Team name, and assign it to use for Service Types or Locations and default scheduling options.

Click on ‘Save’ to continue.

Adding people into a Sub-Team

Once a Sub-Team has been added, you can then start adding in volunteers for your sub-teams.

Here you’ll find a similar workflow to the window used for rostering your volunteers on for a service. Simply select volunteers from the departments and positions, or by searching for the volunteer in the search box.

Once all the people have been added into the team, their positions should also be shown under the ‘Team Members’ heading. These positions shown are the positions the volunteers hold within the team, but they may not necessarily hold these positions outside the team.

Click ‘Save’ to finish.

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