How to Add a Service Team

Managing service teams efficiently is crucial for the smooth functioning of church activities. This guide will walk you through the process of creating and organizing service teams in Elvanto. From setting up new teams to adding sub-teams and volunteers, we'll cover all the steps needed to streamline your church's service team management. Let's get started to ensure your volunteers are well-organized and your services run seamlessly.

How to Add a New Service Team in Elvanto

  1. Navigate to Services & Teams: Begin by going to your Elvanto dashboard and navigating to Services, then Teams.
  2. Create a New Team: On the Teams page, you will see a list of existing teams. Click on the ‘Add Team’ button, located in the top right-hand corner.
    Add Team
  3. Enter Team Details: Fill in the necessary details about your new team, such as team name and any other relevant information, then click ‘Save’.
  4. Add Sub-Teams (Optional): Once your main team is created, you have the option to add Sub-Teams. Click on the ‘Add Sub-Team’ button.
    Add Sub-Team
  5. Configure Sub-Team Settings: Enter the name of the Sub-Team and assign it for specific Service Types or Locations, along with default scheduling options.
    Sub-Team Settings
  6. Add People to Sub-Team: Begin adding volunteers to your Sub-Team. Select volunteers from departments and positions, or use the search box to find specific individuals.
    Adding Volunteers
  7. Review Team Members: After adding people to the team, their assigned positions within the team will be displayed under the ‘Team Members’ section. Note that these positions may be specific to the team and different from their roles outside the team.
    Team Members
  8. Save Your Changes: Once you have added all necessary members and made your desired configurations, click ‘Save’ to finalize the setup of your new service team.
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