How to Assign Songs to a Service

To assign songs to a service, you can do this in two ways. Songs can be added into the service either in the form of a song in the service plan (i.e. congregation song) or as a service song (i.e. performance song).

Assigning a Song from the Service Plan

Click on the ‘Add Song’ button on the top right hand corner of the Service Plan page.

When this window appears, select a song to add it to the Service Plan. You can add in any existing songs added in the songs area. You can search by song title or lyrics and also filter songs. You can also see when a song was last used and how many times used. Change the ‘Last Used & Times Used’ drop down and you can narrow these statistics down to a specific service type or location.

Once a song has been selected, make sure that the ‘Service Times’ box has been ticked. You’re also able to edit the song item to include other specific information such as selecting an arrangement, key or put in any CCLI Reporting fields, change or unlink the song from the service.

Assigning a Service Song from the Sidebar

There may be times when you want to include other songs in the service, but not necessarily include them in the service plan. You can add the song from the sidebar by clicking on ‘Add’ button located under ‘Songs’.

Select a song you want to add to the songs list. If you check the box to ‘Add Song to Service Plan’, the song will appear in the service plan, otherwise it won’t get added to the service plan but will remain on the left sidebar under the ‘Songs’ heading.

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