Creating a Service Plan

In Elvanto, a service plan allows you to create a comprehensive outline of your church service. It enables you to add various items such as preaching, offering, songs, and more, while setting durations for each item. This article will guide you through the process of working with service plans and explain the features available.

Steps to Create and Edit a Service Plan:

  1. Log into Elvanto.
  2. Select Services.
  3. Select the Service Name you would like to edit or select Add.
  4. Access the service plan by clicking on the service and selecting the Plan tab.
  5. To add items, headings, and songs, click the respective buttons and enter the necessary details.
    Note: You can provide descriptions for each item, write notes for different departments and positions, upload files, and leave comments to keep everyone informed.
  6. Arrange the service plan by dragging and dropping items to reorder them. This action will automatically update the start times of each item.

    Elvanto Tip

    To keep a service element in the plan but hide it from the service itself select the time. This will change to Hidden and hide from the live and printed service plan. When hidding an element from the service this will also adjust all the other element times to match.

  7. To add a series title, click on the No Series Title text and enter the desired title.
  8. Use headings to break up the flow of the service plan if needed. You can add headings like 'Praise & Worship' to organize the different sections.
  9. Add service items to the plan, such as 'Prayer,' 'Offering,' 'Missions Presentations,' or any other elements you want to include.
  10. Assign songs from the Songs area to the service plan if required. Refer to this article for more information on assigning songs to a service.

Applying a Template to Future Services:

Save time by utilizing the 'Apply template to future services' feature. Follow these steps to create and apply a template for a recurring service type:

  1. Go to Services > Types in the left menu of your Elvanto account dashboard.
  2. Select the existing service type you wish to edit or create a new service type by clicking 'Add Service Type'.
  3. Access the service planning page for the selected service type and navigate to the 'Plan' tab.
  4. Set up your service plan by adding items, headings, and songs.
  5. Click the 'Apply template to future services' button.
  6. A popup notice will appear, warning you that applying the template will delete all service plan items for future services attached to this service type. Confirm by clicking 'Confirm' if you want to proceed.
  7. The template will be applied to all future services of the selected type. Any previously planned future services using a different template or without a template will be updated to match the new template.  


Be cautious when using the 'Apply template to future services' feature, as it will delete existing plan items for future services. Double-check your template before applying it and save a copy of previous service plans if necessary.


Utilizing the service plan feature in Elvanto enables you to create a structured outline for your church services. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can add items, headings, songs, and more to your service plan, ensuring a well-organized and consistent service experience. Additionally, the 'Apply template to future services' feature allows you to save time and maintain uniformity in your service planning process. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.