Creating a Service Plan

A service plan can be used to create an outline of the service. You can enter in items such as ‘preaching’ or ‘offering’ and set a duration for each item. You can edit a service plan by clicking on the service and clicking the ‘Plan’ tab.If you have created a service using a service type that have service plan items in place, then all the Service Plan items are created automatically into the Service Plan.To edit a service plan, simply edit the service and navigate to the ‘Plan’ tab.

Service Plan Features Explained

You can add items, headings and songs. You can add a description for each item, write notes for different departments and positions, upload files and write comments to keep everyone in the loop. Once added you can drag and drop items to reorder the service which will also automatically update the time of each of the items start.

Series Title

You can add a series title by clicking the ‘No Series Title’ text.

Add Heading

In the first image, you can see a heading marked as ‘Praise & Worship’. You may want to use these headings to break up the flow of the service plan.

Add Item

You can add as many service items to your service plan. These can include ‘Prayer’, ‘Offering’, ‘Missions Presentations’ or any other items you would like to include.

Add Song

You can assign any songs that have been added to the Songs area in the Service Plan. For more information, read this article to see how to assign songs to a service.

Apply Template to Future Services

Save time by using the 'Apply template to future services' feature. This feature allows you to create a template for a recurring service type and apply it to future services, rather than having to plan each service from scratch. Here's how to use it:

  1. Navigate to Services > Types in the left menu of your account dashboard.

  2. Select the existing service type you'd like to edit or create a new service type by clicking Add Service Type.

  3. Once on the service planning page, click the Plan tab.

  4. Setup your Service Plan.
  5. Click the 'Apply template to future services' button.

  6. A popup notice will appear, warning you that performing this action will delete all service plan items for future services attached to this service type, including any changes you made to them. Those deleted items will be replaced with the updates you have made to this template. Click 'Confirm' if you're sure you want to proceed.

That's it! Your template will be applied to all future services of the selected type. Any future services that were previously planned using a different template or without a template will now be updated to match the new template.

Note that this feature is powerful but potentially dangerous, as it will delete all existing plan items for future services. Make sure to double-check your template before applying it and to save a copy of your previous service plans if necessary.

By using the 'Apply template to future services' feature, you can save time and ensure consistency in your service planning.



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