How to Restrict Access to Fields in Reports

Restricting access to specific fields in Elvanto allows you to control which users can see certain information in Reports and People Views. This guide will walk you through the steps to restrict access to a field.

Steps to Restrict Access to a Field

  1. Navigate to People Categories:

    • Go to People > Categories.
    • Select a people category to edit (the setting is global, so any category will work).
  2. Edit the Field:

    • Click the pencil icon next to the field you want to restrict.
  3. Set Access Permissions:

    • Choose the access permissions for who can see or be restricted from seeing the field in reports and people views.
  4. Save Changes:

    • Save both the Field and the layout to apply your changes.


  • This restriction setting is global, meaning it applies across all categories.
  • Ensure you review the access permissions carefully to maintain data security and privacy.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and restrict access to specific fields in Elvanto, enhancing the control and security of your data.

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