Using and Customizing People Category Layouts

Customizing a People Category in Elvanto allows you to tailor the information and layout specific to your church's needs. This guide will walk you through the steps to edit or create a People Category, customize its layout, and set access permissions for fields.

Steps to Customize a People Category

  1. Navigate to Categories:

    • Go to People > Categories.
  2. Select or Add a Category:

    • Click on the category you wish to edit.
    • Or click on Add Category to create a new one.
  3. Edit Category Details:

    • In the Details area, name your category, select a color, and customize what is displayed on the layout.
  4. View and Layout Options:

    • Click the View button to see the display as per the ‘Display Fields’ set for this People Category.
    • Use the Copy Layout button to copy this layout to other People Categories.
    • Use the Duplicate Layout button to duplicate this People Category layout.
  5. Customize Layout:

    • Drag items from the Edit Layout section on the right of the page and drop them into the layout to choose what fields are displayed.
    • Add custom fields from this page as needed.
  6. Set Field Access and Requirements:

    • Click on the pencil icon in each field to set Global access, People Category Access, mark the field as ‘Required’, and determine if you would like to copy the access to other People Categories.
    • Note that some fields like First Name are preset and cannot be edited in this way.
  7. Display Fields:

    • Choose what fields will be displayed when viewing people within this People Category from the main People page.
  8. Customize Member Area Access:

    • Clicking on the My Profile layout tab also allows you to customize what members within this category can change about themselves from their Member Area.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and customize People Categories in Elvanto, ensuring that your church's specific needs and preferences are met.