Service Teams Overview

If you have multiple teams of volunteers that serve together, then Service Teams are a great way to manage and schedule them onto services.

Each Team is broken up into individual sub-teams. For example, at your church, you might have 2 worship teams at your Central location and 3 worship teams at your North location. You would create a sub-team for each of the 5 teams across those two locations. You can specify what locations and service types those teams serve at which makes it easier when it comes to scheduling them onto services.

Once the sub-teams have been created, you can then schedule volunteers onto the positions they serve under in that team.


Service Teams and Departments


It’s important to know that Service Teams and Departments are not a one-or-the-other system. Service Teams are great if your church has a rotating weekly roster, and you have people from different departments and roles that serve together in that rotation. We recommend you use departments to set up where members serve within your given services, and then (if needed) Service Teams to group volunteers if you need predefined serving teams.


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