Services Overview

The Services area is where you go to set up and define details related to the services in your church. It includes elements like Rostering, Service Plans and Songs.

Services is also where you go to view and record attendance statistics and set Service Types, all important elements to using the area to its full potential. A full explanation of these individual features can be found in the following sections.
Services in Elvanto are designed with worship services in mind, but can also be used for other purposes (such as youth group, or playgroup). If you’re in need of a roster or some kind of schedule for your event, we would suggest using Services.

One service with multiple times vs multiple services with a single time

The best thing to do here depends on how you run your different services.

  • If your service plan is the same for all service times and the volunteers don’t change much, use a single service with multiple times.

  • If the different services have different plans, and different numbers of volunteers within them, it’s best to have multiple services with single service times.