Communicating Schedules in Elvanto

A large part of being a volunteer is simply showing up! Here’s how Elvanto can help make sure that happens.

Automatic Notifications

Take human forgetfulness out of the equation by automatically notifying volunteers when they’re scheduled.

  • Volunteers can turn off these notifications.
  • Email spam filters might block these messages if they are too frequent.

Learn how to set up these notifications.

If someone in your Worship Ministry is not receiving these notifications, they may have turned off ‘Receive scheduling emails’ in their personal information (or unsubscribed). To re-add them to the list, edit their personal information from the People area and check the appropriate boxes below their email address or phone number.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic reminders work similarly to schedule notifications but are sent a number of days before the service to remind volunteers who have not confirmed or declined their rostered position.

Learn how to set up these reminders.

Reminders can be turned off by your volunteers. To re-add them to this process, edit their personal information through People.

Reports To’s

‘Reports To’s help catch volunteers who might otherwise slip through the cracks by notifying someone whenever a person confirms or declines their position.

  • Set up ‘Reports To’s for any Department, Sub-department, or Position.
  • Set up ‘Reports To’s through an individual’s Account tab in their Profile page for specific volunteers.

Learn how to set up ‘Reports To’ capabilities.

By using these features, you can ensure that volunteers are reminded of their commitments and that leaders are aware of any changes, helping to maintain a well-organized volunteer system.