Managing Your Songs in Elvanto

Churches use a lot of songs, and that means having a big song list! Here’s how Elvanto can help manage this.


If your church has multiple locations, they might not use the same song list (or have similar tastes in music!). That’s okay: when you add or edit Songs, you can define which location it belongs to.


Categories provide another way to sort your songs. Christmas carols, for example, are used once a year. Putting carols in a collection makes it easy to browse them when it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Categories are also useful for your musicians if you have a list of songs that they’re expected to know. Many churches have a ‘go-to’ list of songs that band members are expected to be able to play at the drop of a hat. If you save these songs in a category, then your musicians can regularly check this list to make sure they’ve still got a solid handle on all the songs in it.

To see how to add song categories, look at this link.


SongSelect makes adding new songs to your database easy. For more about SongSelect and your ministry, visit this page.

Extra Files

Beyond your typical song information, files can be added to any song. That said, be aware of the rights relating to whatever you put up. If you own the copyright, or have a license to use and distribute those files, then add the files. If you’re unsure, have a look at your country’s CCLI website.

You might also find this link helpful.


Keep your renditions fresh by using different arrangements. Many worship songs can be sped up, slowed down, or done in different time signatures (just look at Amazing Grace if you ever need inspiration).

You can add an arrangement to any song, even putting up alternate chords and keys.

To see how to add arrangements to songs, look at this link.

To see how to annotate chords to lyrics, look at this link.