How to Check and Verify Your Sending Domains

When sending emails through Elvanto, we cannot send them with authentication as we don’t have your email addresses password (and we don’t want to know what it is). As a result, some email servers may block your emails.

In order for Elvanto to have permission to send emails on your behalf so that your emails get through, you need to first own/control the domain you are using to send and secondly you need to add three CNAME records to your domains DNS. These CNAME records work the same as DKIM and SPF records which you might be familiar with but are much easier to set-up.

Elvanto Tip

If you are using a shared domain please reach out to  Elvanto Support to generate unique Cnames for your Elvanto account.

To check and verify your domains, navigate to Settings.

From here, click the ‘Sending Domains’ link located under ‘Communication’. This will bring up a page that has all the domains that emails are sent from your system. We pull the domains from the following places:

  • Default sending address (Settings -> Account)

  • ‘From’ email addresses (Settings -> Communication)

  • Custom email templates custom sending addresses (Emails & Letters)

This list will also indicate the status of each domain.

  • ‘Get CNAME Records’ means that you need to generate the three CNAME records. We’ll generate these instantly and give you an email draft you can pass onto your IT person if you do not have the ability to set up the CNAME records yourself.

  • ‘Incomplete’ means you have generated your CNAME records but they have not been applied to your domain yet. If could take 24-48 hours for the CNAME records to start working so keep that in mind if you keep seeing the incomplete message.

  • ‘Valid’ means that your CNAME records are valid and Elvanto is about to successfully authenticate all of your emails using the specified domain name.

If you’re not sure how to add these CNAME records, contact your IT administrator or the company that you purchased your domain name through and ask them for instructions on how to add CNAME records to your domain. They might even be able to do it for you.