My Emails Aren’t Being Received

If you or others are having trouble receiving emails sent through Elvanto, there are several steps you can take to identify and resolve the issue:

Ensure Emails Are Not Being Delivered to the Junk/Spam Folder

  1. Check the Junk/Spam Folder
    • Have the user open their junk (or spam) email folder to see if the email is there.
    • If the email is in the junk/spam folder, add the sender to the safe sender list or Address Book.

Check the Person’s ‘Activity’ Tab

  1. Verify Email Sent Status

    • In the Admin Area, navigate to the person’s profile.
    • Confirm the email was sent by checking the ‘Activity’ tab in the person's profile.
    • If the email is not listed, it could mean:
      • The person has unsubscribed.
      • The person was not included in the contact list.
      • The person was removed from the list after the email composer was loaded.
      • The email was not sent correctly.


The Recipients/Your Email Server May Be Blocking the Emails

  1. Authenticate Emails with Your IT Administrator
    • Before sending emails from your computer, you typically authenticate with a username and password.
    • Elvanto cannot authenticate emails this way, which may cause some email servers to block the emails.
    • Solution: Your IT administrator can add some CNAME records to your domain to authorize Elvanto to send emails on your behalf. Send them this link with instructions to add the CNAME records.

Free Email Servers Might Be Blocking the Emails

  1. Email Providers with Strict Policies
    • Providers like Yahoo and AOL have strict anti-spam policies and may block emails sent from or addresses if not using their system.
    • Note: Emails sent through Elvanto from an @yahoo or @aol address may not reach recipients. For more details, read this Mandrill blog post.

Contact Support

  • Contact Elvanto Support
    • If the above steps do not resolve the issue, contact Elvanto Support.
    • Provide the following information:
      • Who sent the email.
      • When (date and time) the email was sent.
      • Name and email address of anyone who did not receive the email.