Update Your Account Name in Elvanto

Your account name in Elvanto is the name for your Church / Organization. Your account name is used in the %church_name% placeholder in emails. Updating your account name requires an update in two spaces. We'll guide you through each below. 

  1. Login to your Elvanto account and navigate to the Admin Area. 
  2. Select Settings at the top right. 
  3. Under the General heading, select Account. 
  4. Update your Church / Organization Name and click Save. 
  5. Next, select Settings. 
  6. Under the Customization heading, select Layouts. 
  7. Click on the title of the Layout you'd like to edit. 
  8. Update your Site Name and Save

    This title appears on your titles, login screen and at the top of every page (unless you add your own logo below). This affects that name that your members will see when logging in.

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