Setting up your Account Time Zone and Language

Setting up your account's time zone and language preferences is a crucial first step when embarking on your Elvanto journey, laying the foundation for smooth communication, accurate scheduling, and effective collaboration right from the start. Follow these simple steps to navigate to your account settings and customize these parameters to suit your specific needs.

How to access your Account Time Zone and Language Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account.
  2. Scroll down to Default Location & Language.
    1. Country - will reflect your organization's country you listed during sign up and determines the server location where your data will be stored.
    2. Default Time Zone - click the drop down arrow to find and select your time zone. This is an important setting as the chosen time zone will determine the display time for group meetings, events, services, etc. 
    3. Language - determines the display language for your Elvanto users account wide. Currently, you can choose from 12 different language translations. 




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