How to set the Default Reports to Person for Departments

You can set a default ‘Reports To’ person for a department quite easily. This means that whenever someone is scheduled on a service to a position that has a ‘Reports To’ person set up, if they confirm or decline, it will email that person with the notification.

To set this up, simply edit the department and scroll down to the ‘Sub-departments’ and ‘Positions’ area. Below each sub-department and position, you’ll see a pencil icon next to each Sub-Department and Position’s name.

Click the ‘Add’ button under the ‘Reports To’ section to search for and find a new Reports To person.

Using the Location and Service Type dropdown boxes you can specify who gets notifications for very specific services. You can specify they get notified for all services at a particular location, or all services of a particular type or all services at a location of a specific type.

In this example, Alanna Mooney will be notified of all Sunday Morning services at the Broadbeach location.

You can have multiple ‘Reports to’ people for one position too, it will just email them all when someone confirms or declines.

Once added, you can then see who you have set as the reports to person and add or remove them as you please. If you don’t add a ‘Reports to’ person to a position but you add one to a sub-department, it will email the person set for the sub-department.

Assigning Volunteers for a Service

When scheduling a volunteer for a service, it will show up the ‘Reports To’ person’s name. You can also set-up a custom person to report to as well.

Other Places Reports to Might be set

If you’ve recently made changes to your Reports To settings and are still finding that the wrong people are being notified, we recommend checking the following places:

  • The Volunteering & Account tab of the volunteer the person is being notified about

  • Your service teams under Services > Teams.

Both of these places have a Reports To field that get used when individual volunteers get scheduled on, in addition to the departments setting. We only use one of these at a time, giving preference to the Service Team reports to over the personal reports to.

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