How to set up a Department

You can set up departments to manage your volunteers for services, or other ministries that are defined by sub-departments and positions.

A department must have at least one sub-department and at least one position.

Adding a new Department

Navigate to Settings. Once the page loads, then select Department. Click on the ‘Add Department’ button.

Once the page loads, enter in the Department Name, and customize your Sub-departments and Positions, and disabling users to self-assign themselves to the department.

Volunteer Self-assign

Read this article to learn more about giving people the ability to self-assign to departments.


Here you can set it so that the entire department doesn’t conflict with particular other Department, Sub-department or Position. You can also set a Department to not conflict with itself if desired.

Adding Sub-departments and Positions


To create your sub-department first click the “Add Sub-department” button and type in a name (e.g. Instruments). Add as many sub-departments as you like by clicking on the green ‘plus’ icon. A department must have at least one sub-department.


To create your first position first click on the “Add Position” button that will now appear and then type in a name in the text field (e.g. Worship Leader). Add as many sub-departments as you like by clicking on the green ‘plus’ icon. A department must have at least one position in a sub-department.

Other Details

Under each Sub-Department and Position you’ll see a Pencil icon you can click on to edit a few other details about the sub-department or position.

This will open a window that looks like this.

Note: Sub-departments won’t give you the “Leadership Position” section

‘Reports To’ Volunteer

Here you can set a default ‘Reports To’ person for a sub-department and position quite easily. This means that whenever someone is scheduled on a service to a position that has a ‘Reports To’ person set up, if they confirm or decline, it will email that person with the notification. To learn more about ‘Reports To’, click here.

Leadership Position

A person can be marked as a ‘Leadership Position’ within a Department. This can be set up such that you can perform an Advanced Search or to build a People View to see those who are Department Leaders.

ie Specify Filter Criteria

  • Department Leader Positions > Is In a Leader Position > Choose departments or sub-departments to view from.

Remember though, this can only be set on Positions, not Sub-departments.


In the same fashion an entire department can have self-assign disabled, you can have it disabled for only specific positions only.


As well as the Department Non-Conflicts, each sub-department and Position can be individually set to not conflict with another position, sub-department or position. Click on the Orange ! icon to set these up.

You can then choose the other Departments, Sub-Departments or Positions the chosen Sub-Department/Position won’t conflict with.

An Inherited non-conflict relates to a non-conflict from a parent department or sub-department.

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