How to Create and Edit Files

You can add a new file by going to the Admin Area and navigating to Files -> Add File.

A page will then load where you can browse for a file to upload from your computer or simply drag and drop the file into the space provided. You can then provide a title and any details in relation to that file. This includes selecting whether the file is published, when it expires and who has access to the file.

Once a file is saved, you will see the File URL that can be used to share the file with others. If the file is an image, it will give you a second Image URL that can be used to embed that image into an email.

You can read more about adding files to Posts, Pages and Emails in this help article.

Limiting Who Can See Files

When adding or editing a file, you can choose who is able to see it.

First, chose who has access to the file. Members are considered users who have a username and password and are required to log in to view the file. If ‘Only the people assigned to the Lockdown areas below can view this file’ is selected, it will lockdown the file in both the Member and Admin Areas to those who meet that criteria.

Next, select any lockdowns you wish to apply. By selecting the lockdown areas, you are choosing to only allow people who meet the lockdown criteria to see the file. For example, if you select the ‘Worship Team’ department, only people within that department will be able to see that file.

Make sure to select ‘Only members can view this file’ or ‘Only the people assigned to the Lockdown areas below can view this file’ under the ‘File Access’ options if you have applied any lockdown areas.

File Versions

Some files such as policies and procedures will get updated from time to time. So that you can keep track of all your documents and their changes, we’ve created ‘File Versions’. By clicking on the ‘File Versions’ tab, you will be able to see all previous versions of that file and choose to republish a previous version.

You can also choose to upload new versions of the file in the space provided. Once you have uploaded a new version, you can chose whether to archive the currently published file as a version or to delete it.

File Versions can also be a great tool if you want to upload a document as a version that can be modified (such as a Word or Excel Document) and choose to just publish the PDF version of that file.

Access Permissions

In order for members to be able to access files either in the Member Area or manage them in the Admin Area, you will need to give them the relevant access permissions.

If you wish to have someone moderating your file storage, you can assign them the Moderator Access Permission which gives the user the ability to view all files, irrespective of any lockdowns that are applied to individual files.


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