How to Use the File Storage System

Elvanto allows you to upload, store, and share up to 10GB of files and images using its file storage module. This can be found in the Admin Area by navigating to Files. From there, you can see how much of your allowance you are using on the right-hand side.


Folders are used to categorize the files you upload. Once created, you can add a file to one or more of these folders. To manage your folders:

  1. Go to the Admin Area and navigate to Files > Folders.
  2. To add a new folder, click on the Add Folder button.
  3. Set folder access and choose who you want to be able to see files contained within that folder. Make sure to select Only Members Can View This Folder if you want to activate those lockdown areas.
  4. By selecting the lockdown areas, you are choosing to only allow people who meet the lockdown criteria to see files contained within that folder.

These steps ensure that your files are organized and accessible to the appropriate members within your organization.

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